prof. dr. Matej Vesenjak

  • Laboratory for Advanced Engineering Simulations and Experimentation, Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Department of Construction and Design FS UM
  • +386 (0)2 220 7717
  • Researcher code
  • 23463

RRI services offered to companies

  • Modelling of parts, joints and mechanisms,
  • Development and construction,
  • Preparation of technical documentation,
  • Material strength calculations,
  • Calculation of machine elements,
  • Computer simulations,
  • Numerical methods,
  • Finite element method,
  • Dynamic tests,
  • Collision analysis,
  • Voltage waveform modelling,
  • Vibration analysis,
  • Topological optimization,
  • Characterization of materials and structures.

Education offered to companies

  • Courses and workshops in the following fields: Modeling of parts, assemblies and mechanisms, development and construction, preparation of technical documentation, strength calculations, calculation of machine elements, computer simulations, numerical methods, finite element method, dynamic tests, collision analysis, voltage wave modeling, vibration analysis, topological optimization, characterization of materials and structures
  • Who is this training designed for: The workshops can be adjusted based on prior-knowledge of participants, the content can be adapted for individuals or groups of different sizes
  • Duration: depends on prior arrangements and participants

Past cooperation with companies in the field of digitalization

  • Kveder d.o.o.
  • Liko d.d. Liboje
  • Container d.o.o.
  • LOS CO d.o.o.
  • SACOM (BiH)
  • Consultants Europe BV (Netherlands)
  • Danfoss Trata d.o.o.
  • M Plus d.o.o.
  • Premogovnik Velenje, d.d.
  • Pošta, d.d.

Successful projects in collaboration with companies

Kveder d.o.o., located in Zadobrova near Celje

Development of steel safety barriers K-LIGHT which meet the provisions of the SIST EN1317 standardsand their optimization with parametric computer simulations.

Kveder d.o.o., LOS CO d.o.o., Liko d.d., SACOM (BiH).

Expert assessment of changes to road safety barriers in accordance with the SIST EN1317-5 standard and technical recommendations SIST-TP CEN / TR 16303-1 to -4.

Consultants Europe BV, Netherlands

Evaluation of conformity of road restraint systems of non-European manufacturers with the provisions of the SIST EN1317 standards for the approval of sale in the EU market using computer simulations.

GEM motors d.o.o., Kamnik

Strength-thermal analyzes of GEM in-wheel electric motors and their optimization with computer simulations.

Danfoss Trata d.o.o., Kamnik

Calculation and optimization of prestressed bolts of the heat exchanger according to VDI223.

M Plus d.o.o., Maribor

Analysis of gear failure and optimization of construction.

Premogovnik Velenje, d.d., Velenje

Analysis of support systems for the improvement of tunnel excavation stability.

Pošta, d.d., Maribor

Preparation of technical documentation for mail boxes.

UKC, Ljubljana

Modelling and computer simulations of dental implants.


Other current projects

Scientific publications

Patents and patent publications

Steel road safety barrier with trapezoidal reinforcement, EP2813620 B1,

REN, Zoran, VESENJAK, Matej. Jeklena cestna varnostna ograja s šestrobim distančnikom : patent s skrajšanim trajanjem SI 22568 A2, datum objave 31.12.2008 : št. prijave P200700111, datum vložitve prijave 08.05.2007. Ljubljana: Urad Republike Slovenije za intelektualno lastnino, 2008. [4] f., ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 13234198]

Knowledge and unpatented technologies

  • Development of new computer simulation methods and procedures in the engineering field.
  • Conducting basic, developmental and applied research in the field of advanced engineering simulations.
  • Consulting services for domestic and European companies related to the production of numerical models, analysis and evaluation of results, and the selection and implementation of new computer solutions. Furthermore, offered services include independent evaluations of commercial software systems for engineering numerical analysis and the implementation of complex engineering numerical analysis.

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