The Partners

  • Univerza v Mariboru,
  • Fakulteta za informacijske študije v Novem mestu,
  • Institut informacijskih znanosti (IZUM).

Project Description

The project “Upgrading national research infrastructures – HPC RIVR” is aimed at establishing a national supercomputing centre with the principal objective of strengthening national high performance computing capacities for the needs of the Slovenian research and innovation as well as economic area.

It is an overall vision aiming at a objective horizontally oriented towards international competitiveness of research, innovation and technological development in line with the fields of Slovenia’s Smart Specialisation Strategy (S4). The project implementation follows the objectives of the Declaration for cooperation in the field of high performance computing. By signing the Declaration, Slovenia has committed itself to establish an integrated and accessible high performance computing infrastructure.

Regarding European data capacities and network infrastructure, the high performance computing will enable the European Union to enhance the competitiveness of research and the economy.