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Here you can find the latest tender and funding opportunities in the field of digitalization. Mainly these tenders are specific i.e., cascade funds under the H2020 programme, which can be more lucrative due to the lower number of applicants, therefore, increasing the odds that your application will be successful./p>

Your partner when applying for tenders

We encourage the creation of new knowledge and its dissemination across different sectors.


Access to European tenders

  • We organize specialized workshops and trainings in the field of digitalization.
  • We offer a diverse portfolio of R&D infrastructure for educational purposes.

Business support and consulting

  • Our experts can help you assess business ideas, prepare business plans and more.
  • We advise you in the field of technology transfer, intellectual property protection and other related areas.

Financing innovation

  • We help you identify suitable funding opportunities.
  • We advise you during your application for national and EU tenders.
  • We advise on applications for subsidies from private investors.

Search for international partners

  • Through our memberships in various business networks, our team can help you find international sales partners or other potential associates who can aid you in the installation of new technologies in international research, technology and innovation projects.

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Get in touch with us and we will provide you with the right support to achieve your goals. We can help you within DIH UM or connect you with researchers and other experts within your filed of interest.

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