Development of multifunctional auxetic cellular structures

Duration: 1.5.2017 – 30.4.2020

The Partners

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UM
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UL

Project description

The auxetic cellular structures are a novel type of cellular metamaterials which exhibit extraordinary mechanical properties, which cannot be achieved by any other conventional material. Their recent breakthrough is associated with advances in additive manufacturing technologies which allow fabrication of structures with complex internal geometry.

The geometry of auxetic metamaterials (morphology and topology) and mechanical behaviour are not yet well characterised and many influencing parameters have yet to be determined, especially when auxetic structures are subjected to dynamic loading conditions. The purpose of the proposed research is the development of new, topologically optimised three-dimensional auxetic structures with uniform and graded cellular structure with follow-on comprehensive experimental and computational characterisation of their mechanical behaviour under various loading conditions, including consideration of large strains, strain rate sensitivity and fatigue.

An extensive experimental testing programme of newly developed auxetic specimens will be complemented by the advanced finite element modelling and computer simulations. The experimental testing will be supported by a non-destructive infrared thermography technique enabling excellent visualization and consequent analysis of local deformation process. This will provide necessary information to better understand the complex deformation mechanism of three-dimensional auxetic structures when subjected to various mechanical loading conditions.

In combination with parametric computational simulations, homogenisation and topological optimisation procedures, the results of this research will provide means to identify the most appropriate geometrical and material parameters of auxetic structures and consequently to develop state-of-the-art significant knowledge for efficient application of auxetic materials in future engineering applications.