The 2nd annual conference of the DIGI-SI consortium is behind us


The annual conference of the EDIH nominated consortium DIGI-SI took place on Friday, where the partners presented the upcoming tenders, programs and best practices in the field of digitalization.

Digitization and related technologies are increasingly shaping our lives, so their integration into the economy and public administration is becoming increasingly important. More and more industrial companies are looking to the concept of Industry 4.0 and service companies to digital transformation. The central idea of ​​digital transformation is to change business processes in organizations in such a way that they are as much as possible supported and automated with the help of digital technologies, which is even more pronounced in the current situation.

In the field of digitalisation, the European Commission has set up a Digital Europe Program with a budget of € 7.6 billion to promote the digital transformation of European society.

Representatives of the consortium presented the areas of digitalization of tourism, health, agriculture, smart manufacturing, artificial intelligence, cyber security and digital competencies and business models. However, they will not bypass the topic, which is very important for at least most companies, the presentation of upcoming tenders and programs, this co-financing of digital transformation projects.

The audience addressed him. Annita Kalpaka, Senior Policy Analyst and digital innovation / digital transformation, Joint Research Center, European Commission, who shared with us a broader, European perspective. The head of the consortium, Assoc. prof. dr. Muhamed Turkanović.

We have opened and addressed numerous topics and many challenges that await us all, and all these topics, as well as those that we could not touch today due to time constraints, probably deserve to be discussed in more depth.

Did you miss the event?

You can watch the clip HERE.

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