Supercomputers for super challenges of companies


On Friday, October 20, 2023, the event Supercomputers for super challenges of companies took place as Supercomputing centers in Slovenia opened their doors into the world of supercomputers.

At the event, the participants first learned more about the SLING National Competence Center and the EuroCC 2 project, which were presented by Urša Vodopivec from Arnes. This was followed by the presentation of the HPC centers, namely the HPC center Arctur, the largest private center in Central and Eastern Europe, built primarily for the needs of companies, which was presented by the head of the center, Tristan Pahor, and the most powerful high-performance computer in Slovenia – HPC Vega, which was presented by Dejan Valh from the Institute of Information Science (IZUM).

In the second part of the program, both speakers revealed to the participants how to access the use of high-performance computers, while Irena Ivanuš, operational coordinator of EDIH DIGI-SI, presented the possibilities of using HPC as part of the European Digital Innovation Hub DIGI-SI.

The event was enriched by the presentation of dr. Jure Mencinger, specialist in the field of numerical simulations in Gorenje, who shared with the participants an example of good practice of using HPC technology in industry, more precisely, in the company Gorenje, which uses both HPC Arctur and HPC Vega for its needs. The participants learned, among other things, what kind of calculations Gorenje uses HPC for and what their benefits are, they got an insight into examples of CFD calculations and the process of carrying out a CFD simulation using a high-performance computer.

*CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics

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