Seal-Mart d.o.o. with the help of DIH UM up to € 112,000


We are proud that our client, Seal-Mart d.o.o., has successfully raised funds for the digital transformation of the warehouse with our help. The company turned to DIH UM with its challenge, where we advised them in choosing a suitable tender and offered support in preparing project documentation for applying to the DIH WORLD 1st Open Call. The company was successful in the tender and thus obtained funds in the amount of € 112,000 for the E-COMMERCE WAREHOUSE SYSTEM FOR A SMART PRODUCTION COMPANY.


With the help of the obtained funds, the company will take an important step towards the digitalization of its most pressing challenge – the digitalization of the warehouse – through three separate but closely related stages of operation: 1. inventory control via bar code; 2. implementation of the innovative Paternoster system for small and fast-turning products; and 3. Establishing e-commerce for global sales.

DIH UM will participate in the project as a connecting link that will help the company in establishing long-term cooperation with DIH BLUE (Split, Croatia) and entering the Croatian market as well as in the proper implementation of new technologies in the company.
Seal-Mart d.o.o. is a manufacturing SME whose main activity is the production of sealing solutions, seals and constructed plastic and rubber products. The company is slowly growing into a global company that sells all types of seals (rubber, plastic) to various industry players. They are present in Austria, Germany, Slovenia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore, and want to enter other global markets. The efficient growth of the company requires the digitalization of the entire production and storage system.


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