New tenders worth € 258 million to support digital connectivity infrastructures

With a planned budget of € 258 million, the calls are aimed at improving digital connectivity infrastructures, in particular gigabit and 5G networks, across the Union and contributing to Europe’s digital transformation.

The Commission will co-finance measures aimed at equipping Europe’s major transport routes and key service providers in local communities with 5G connectivity, as well as measures to deploy or upgrade backbone networks based on advanced technologies.

Calls will also focus on infrastructure connecting integrated cloud services, backbone infrastructures for digital global crossings such as submarine cables, as well as preparatory actions for the establishment of operational digital platforms for transport and energy infrastructures across the EU. This follows the adoption of the first work program for CEF Digital in December 2021, which allocated more than € 1 billion for the period 2021-2023.

CEF digital calls are mostly open to entities, including joint ventures established in Member States and overseas countries or territories. Interested applicants can find out more about the application, evaluation and rewarding on the online information day on 19 January. The second generation of the Digital Connection for Europe (CEF-2) (2021-2027) is based on the previous one, which supported cross-border digital infrastructures and services and free internet access for local communities through the 2014-2020 WiFi4EU Initiative.

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Connecting Europe Facility (CEF Digital)

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