EIT RawMaterials KAVA Call 8 for Regional Innovation, Upscalling and Education Projects

EIT RawMaterials comprises more than 120 core and associate partners from leading businesses, universities and research institutes, and an additional 190 project partners contributing to and benefitting by being involved in specific tasks in Calls for Projects.

It encourages its partners to submit new project proposals that will generate a significant impact on European industrial competitiveness, innovation capacity and human capital, as well as empower students and entrepreneurs driving towards the circular economy and the contribution towards the EU Green Deal goals.

The open call for proposals welcomes proposals for Regional Innovation Schemes (RIS) as well as Educational and Upscaling projects.

For Up-Scaling activities, the proposal should address at least one of the following topics:

  • Raw Materials and Circular Societies,
  • Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility,
  • Sustainable Discovery and Design.

For Higher Education activities, the focus shall be on EIT-label degree education, and specifically on Master education while the focus of Lifelong Learning activities should be on demand-driven proposals.

For RIS activities, the same conditions as above will apply for RIS Upscaling and Education activities, and partners will have the opportunity to propose RIS Capacity Building activities.

KAVA call 8 will have a 2-stage submission process, with a draft proposal that has to be submitted at stage 1, and a final draft at stage 2. Only proposals that will meet all the expectations at Stage 1 will go to Stage 2.

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