EIC Accelerator Challange: Strategic Digital and Health Technologies

The EIC Accelerator Challenge focuses on innovations of digital and health technologies which build on scientific discovery or technological breakthroughs (‘deep tech’) and supports projects where significant funding is needed over a long timeframe before returns can be generated.

You should apply to the EIC Accelerator Challenge – Strategic Digital and Health Technologies, if you believe that your company has the potential to be a global leader in developing strategic technologies in one of the following areas:

  • Digital technologies: devices, methods, systems as well as working principles, processes and standards1 which apply to the ICT technology industry such as advanced high performance computing, edge computing, quantum technologies, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, block-chain, cloud infrastructure technologies and technologies for the Internet of Things.
  • Healthcare technologies: AI-driven tools for early diagnosis; point-of-care diagnostics; novel approaches in cell and gene therapy, in particular for cancer; development of novel biomarkers for clinical prognosis, patient stratification or monitoring purposes across a wide spectrum of disorders; bioprocessing 4.0 (digitalisation across stages of biodevelopment in biotech/biopharma industry); healthcare intelligence services; and e-health (including mobile health) solutions for healthcare systems, medical practice and Intensive Care Units.


Innovations that harm the environment or social welfare or that are designed primarily for military applications will not be supported.

To find out more about the challange and aplication requirements visit the webpage of the tender.

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