DIGITbrain open call for manufacturing SMEs, DIH’s and Technical Partners

DIGITbrain open call is focusing on customized industrial products and facilitating cost-effective distributed and localized production for manufacturing SMEs or mid-caps, by leveraging edge, cloud and HPC-based modelling, simulation, optimization, analysis and machine learning tools.

In this context it is looking for manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps to perform experimentation, in order to extend and validate DIGITbrain solution under development and make SMEs more competitive by transferring innovative solutions into the wider manufacturing community.

Experiments will be implemented in close collaboration with Digital Innovation hubs (DIH) and technical partners of competence centers. This interaction should start during proposal preparation, DIHs and technical partners of competence centers acting as business and technical supporters for applicants. This collaboration should continue during the experiments’ deployment and execution.

Application experiments are expected to cover any segments in the manufacturing sector at large, including (but not limited to) discrete manufacturing, continuous production, or construction. Application experiments should aim at covering the development and uptake of digital technologies especially in segments where these are underexploited.In line with the DIGITbrain solution, application experiments are expected to model behaviour of an Industrial Product (manufacturing machine, line or mechatronic system) with the means of a Digital Twin. In addition, they are expected to demonstrate benefits in different phases of the life cycle of this Industrial Product, its adaption and/or evolution to new generations of this industrial product.

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