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Consulting and research in the field of muscle-machine and brain-machine interactions.

Education offered to companies

Training in the field of muscle-machine and brain-machine interfaces
  • Objectives: After the training, participants will be able to evaluate advanced muscle-machine and brain-machine interfaces; evaluate the potential and usability of the muscle-machine and brain-machine interfaces; design computer-aided biomedical signal pre-treatment procedures; use and evaluate algorithms for source separation and classification of biomedical signals.
  • Content: In the course of the training the participants will get to know the current state of knowledge in the field of advanced human-machine communication. They will get acquainted with the procedures for non-invasive capture and interpretation of commands i.e., neural codes, with the central nervous system controls the functioning of skeletal muscles. We will learn about computer procedures for pre-treatment, cleavage, and classification of noninvasively recorded electrical muscle activities. We will review possible applications of this technology in the fields of neuroscience, rehabilitation, neurology, ergonomics, sports, recreation, and consumer electronics.
  •  Duration: 3 Days (24 School hours)
  • Who is this training designed for: The training is intended for technicians, planners, developers and specialists in the fields of neuroscience, rehabilitation, neurology, ergonomics, sports, recreation and consumer electronics.
  • Organizer: UM FERI, Institute of Computer Science, System Software Laboratory
  • Lecturer: prof. dr. Aleš Holobar and associates of the System Software Laboratory

Past cooperation with companies in the field of digitalization

  • OttoBock (Germany),
  • Ossur (Iceland)

Other current projects

Scientific publications

Patents and patent publications

HOLOBAR, Aleš. Postopek in naprava za dekompozicijo sestavljenih mišičnih akcijskih potencialov : patentna prijava P-201900252, z dne 19. 12. 2019

HOLOBAR, Aleš, KRANJEC, Jernej. Computer apparatus and procedures for the direct evaluation of skeletal muscle excitation patterns from electromyograms / Računalniška naprava za neposredno ocenjevanje vzorcev vzbujanja skeletnih mišic in elektromiogramov : patentna prijava P-201900026, z dne 7. 2. 2019

Knowledge and unpatented technologies

Evaluation of electrical activities of skeletal muscles and cortex in human-machine interaction.

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