WIBRANT – Wearable integrated smart brace for rehabilitation monitoring and diagnostic of disorders in muscular functions

The Partners

  • Skylabs d.o.o. (SI),
  • Inova IT d.o.o. (SI),
  • Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko (UM FERI) (SI),
  • Medicinska Fakulteta, Inštitut za športno medicino (UM MF) (SI).

Problem Description

Population aging is one of the greatest socioeconomic challenges facing the EU, with considerable effects to national health and care systems. An inevitable decline in muscle strength and functions of elderly, caused by different muscular disorders, locomotor postoperative stages, and degenerative diseases of the locomotor system, thus, represent not only a serious clinical challenge but also imposes important socio-economic impacts.


WIBRANT will address these challenges by developing an innovative wearable in a form of a smart flexible brace that will enable non-invasive and real-time telediagnostics and telerehabilitation of muscular disorders, suited for elderly.

WIBRANT will meet this main objective through:

  • Integration of space-certificated nano-scale Central Processing Unit into a new generation of smart materials, capable of monitoring muscular functions out of laboratory environment.
  • Development of supporting data analytics platform, capable of fusing captured sensory streams with information about the remote patient’s surroundings, thus, offering an in-depth view into critical causal relationships for diagnostics.