Summer School: Big data EU Business Implications

Project Coordinator:

  • Faculty of Economics and Business (UM)


Big data is one of the EU disrupting technologies, still mainly addressed from the ICT point of view. It is irresponsible to address such an important topic, capable of transforming the way we live from a single point of view. Within the project students are familiarized with implications, the effects of big data technologies with EU legal frameworks, moral and ethical norms, available support and the impact these technologies have on people, business and the environment. Furthermore,  the participants are shown the latest technological solutions.


The Big Data EU Business Implications Summer School comprises multiple objectives:

  • To provide the listeners a holistic view on EU studies and Big Data business implications, and develop key competences.
  • To develop teaching staff understanding of EU studies, Big Data capacitie and enhance multidisciplinarity of research and teaching efforts.
  • To enlighten the organisations on local, regional, national and EU level on how to integrate EU studies in development and research.

You will get accounted to EU directives, support options, rules and concepts on using Big Data in the EU. You will meet with the opportunities, big data offers you to master multiple business related challenges. We will discuss which IT tools and methodologies to apply to lead successful Big Data projects. On a field trip we will meet experts in companies that deliver state of the art Big Data products and services.

Co-funded by Jean Monnet of the European Union.