RI-SI -CLARIN – Development of the research infrastructure for international competitiveness of the Slovene RRI environment

The Partners

  • Institut Jožef Stefan
  •  Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko Univerza v Mariboru,
  • Univerza v Ljubljani

Project Description

The goal of the European infrastructure project CLARIN is to promote research activities in humanities and social sciences. This goal is realized through the construction of a shared research infrasturcture that enables access to language resources, language technologies and expert knowledge to the research communities.

As part of the RI-SI – CLARIN project, the existing Clarin research infrastructure has been upgraded and supplemented with new high-tech components, such as disc arrays, servers, and a GPU cluster.

Objectives of already executed and future procurements are to:

  • ensure the continued operation of the CLARIN.SI technical infrastructure services,
  • enable the storage of large multimodal language data,
  • enable CLARIN.SI to follow the paradigm of “big data”,
  • enable CLARIN.SI to offer publicly available online services for processing large quantities of Slovenian texts,
  • establish a dedicated cluster of computers with GPGPU accelerators for deep learning needs.