MOTZART – More efficient electric motors with the development of expert systems and new technologies

Partners from the Industry:

  • Hidria d.o.o.,
  • Kolektor Group d.o.o.

Problem description: The companies wanted to combine their knowledge and competencies, and with data derived from their real development processes, create a single database as a foundation for the development of an innovative expert system for virtual development.

Solution: The goals of globally established suppliers to the automotive industry, which support the MOBILITY domain with the Systems of e-mobility and energy storage focal area, will be achieved with new investments in the development of equipment and new jobs, and with the project teamwork of all involved partners, each of whom bring their own knowledge and competencies to the project.

In their niche areas, with continued industrialization of technologies and products, they will further consolidate their global position on the electric vehicle market.

Results of the project will be the transfer of knowledge between partners, enhanced competences, increased efficiency of development processes, higher product quality, shorter testing and optimization cycles, and consequently, greater profitability and competitiveness of the partners.

With an open expert system, confirmed by the development of new technologies and products within the framework of MOTZART project, other Slovenian companies will also gain tool for competence growth, research organizations will gain tool for research and education, and Slovenia the positioning among the most competitive countries in the field of electric vehicle components.