MARDS – Reforming doctoral studies in Montenegro and Albania – good practice paradigm

The Partners

  • University of Montenegro (koordinator) (ME)
  • Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko, Univerza v Mariboru, (UM FERI) (SI),
  • University of Vienna (A),
  • University of Zagreb (HR),
  • University of Banska Bistrica (SK),
  • Association of professionals in doctoral education,
  • University of Donja Gorica (ME),
  • Ministry of education of Montenegro (ME),
  • Ministry of Science of Montenegro (ME),
  • Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce (ME),
  • University of Schroder “Luigj Gurakuqi” (ALB),
  • Technical University of Tirana (ALB),
  • Vlore University (ALB),
  • University Metropoliten Tirana (ALB),
  • Ministry of sport and education of Albania (ALB).

Project Description

The MARDS project addresses one of the most acute problems in Montenegrin and Albanian education systems, the doctoral studies. Its main objective is to reconstruct them in line with Salzburg Principles and establish sustainable and modern Pilot Joint Doctoral Schools between two friendly neighbours partner countries that will serve as an example of “good practice” for the WB Region.

The specific objectives of the MARDS projects are:

  • To reconsider the existing national policies/standards for doctoral studies in two countries and their compatibility with EU practices,
  • To develop and propose a new model of doctoral studies in two countries, adapted to the acquired experiences over past decades and current and future countries’ needs
  •  To propose a sustainable method of financing doctoral studies in two countries on national levels.
  •  To establish two Joint Doctoral Schools “Natural sciences and Technology for Sustainable Development” with place in Montenegro (Podgorica) and “Economy and Tourism for Sustainable Development” with place in Albania (Shkoder) as the recommendable examples of cross-border PhD programmes.
  • To establish a sustainable cooperation with EU partners and established Doctoral School in order to maintain developed standards.