LinkingAlps – Innovative Tools and Strategies for Linking Mobility Services for a Decarbonised Alpine Space

Project is part of:

  • The Interreg Alpine Space programme (European Regional Development Fund)

The Partners:

  • AustriaTech – Federal Agency for technological measures ltd. (ATE)
  • South Tyrolean Transport Structures (STA)
  • LINKS Foundation- Leading Innovation & Knowledge for Society
  • Univerza v Mariboru Fakulteta za gradbeništvo, prometno inženirstvo in arhitekturo, Katedra za gradbeno in prometno informatiko (UM-FGPA)
  • Regionalna razvojna agencija Ljubljanske urbane regije (RRA LUR)
  • Traffic Information Austria (VAO)
  • Regional Agency for Innovation and Purchasing Ltd (ARIA)
  • Consulting company for control, information and computer technology GmbH (BLIC)
  • Transport Association of Tyrol Ltd. (VTG)
  • Centre For Studies and Expertise on Risks, Environment, Mobility, and Urban and Country planning (Cerema)
  • Metropolitan City of Turin (CMTo)
  • Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)
  • Federal Office of Transport (FoT)
  • Transport and Energy agency Canton Grison (AEV)

Problem Description:

Cross-border travelling often faces the problem that travel information for the entire route is not visible at a glance. In most cases, travellers have to switch between the information systems of the different operators, regions or countries in order to plan their entire journey.


The LinkingAlps project addresses this problem in the Alpine Space (AS). The aim is to create a standardised exchange service of travel information between the individual travel information service providers. In this way, information can be exchanged between the individual information systems and compiled into a continuous travel chain. Travelers can thus view the entire trip from start to destination on a single service.

LinkingAlps connects Alpine mobility infomration services to foster a modal shift from private to low carbon passenger transport (e.g. public and on-demand), thus offering integrated mobility chains for passenger trips.