Development of advanced methods for determining the strength classes of beech

The Partners

  • Fakulteta za gradbeništvo in geodezijo (UL)
  • Biotehniška fakulteta (UL)
  • Zavod za gradbeništvo Slovenije
  • ILKON d.o.o.

Problem Description

Beech is the most common wood species in Slovenia and shows significantly better mechanical properties than conifers. Nevertheless, its potential is not reflected in the usage fon construction purposes and it is not it is not to the extent it could be. The reason for this is that in the Slovenian context there is no legal basis for the production of beech grade classified in strength classes.

Whit this project we wanted to expand the set of data and parameters for the preparation of a national standard for the visual classification of beech wood. Furthermore, the aim was to obtain a sufficient number of measurement results to determine the settings of the machine for sorting beech.  However, beech is a common construction material in older buildings, which are consider as cultural heritage, therefore we wanted to combine the results of the microdrill method and the value of the actual mechanical properties of beech boards to develop guidelines to help more create reliable, economical and less invasive assessment of wear object.


Preparation and approval of a standard for visual grading or determination of settings for a machine for grading Slovenian beech wood will offer sawmill owners the opportunity to sell beech structural wood classified by strength classes. Furthermore, increasing the use of beech will solve the issue of selling this type of wood, a problem encountered by many forest owners.

The project will significantly contribute to raising the competitiveness of companies and strengthening the Slovenian wood industry. By finding new solutions for the most economical, reliable and as non-invasive determination of the quality of wood, including the analysis of wooden elements already integrated in existing structures, we want to contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and original architecture.