CORELA – Collaborative learning platform with integrated remote laboratory environment in VET

The Partners

  • Sredno elektrotehnicko uciliste na Grad Skopje Mihajlo Pupin (koordinator) (MK)
  • Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko, Univerza v Mariboru (UM FERI) (SI)
  • DTK Smart-tech (MK)
  • Tehnicka skola Rudera Boskovica Vinkovci (HRV)
  • Šolski center Kranj (SI)

Project Description

The CORELA project will contribute to diversification and modernization of the VET education. The project is designed to provide access to VET teaching staff and VET students to new sector specific skills that will enhance the competitiveness of professionals in vocational education and the innovative capacity of the VET providers, HEI institutions and the SME enterprises in the participating countries.

CORELA introduces innovative, integrated remote virtual laboratories designed to be used by the VET providers. VET providers lag behind higher education institutions in terms of introducing innovative learning practices. This project will be a huge step forward by the VET providers in diversification and modernization of the learning methodology. The project will not only enhance the employability and career prospects of the VET students by providing them access to sector­specific skills, but at the same tirne will support their creative potential and increase the innovative capacity of the VET providers from the participating countries.