CobotSense – Intelligent 3D safety sensor for cobot applications

Participating Organizations

  • FOKUS TECH napredne tehnologije d.o.o.
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (UM)
  • FANUC ADRIA d.o.o.


In the Factories of the Future, humans and collaborative robots will share common workspace to enable more flexible and cost effective production. In this new paradigm, small collaborative robots are already a reality, but this is not the case for big robots and heavy duty applications.

For these new cobot applications, new 3D safety sensors and intelligent control systems are needed. Their specifications were defined in the recent EN IEC 61496-3:2019 standard (AOPDDR-3D devices). Unfortunately they are not available on the market yet. To fill this gap, project partners started development of such a novel laser based 3D safety sensor with associated intelligent control system. It will be integrated with the FANUC M-20iA robot to demonstrate a real Speed and separation monitoring (SSM) operation defined by EN ISO 10218 and ISO/TS 15066. Test results will be used in COVR Toolkit to enable faster and unified introduction of SSM cobot applications with new intelligent 3D safety sensors.