Automotive Quality Universities – AutoUniverse (AQU)

The Partners

  • Vysoka skola banska – Technicka univerzita Ostrava, Češka
  • University of Maribor, Slovenia
  • University of Technology Graz, Austria
  • University of Applied Sciences Joanneum, Graz, Austria
  • EMIRACLE (European Innovation in Manufacturing Association), Belgium
  • ISCN / ECQA Online Campus for Industry
Project description

Automotive Quality Universities – AutoUniverse (AQU) in an Erasmus+ project which started in 2015 and provides integration of Functional Safety, Automotive SPICE and Six Sigma knowledge (AQUA) into university courses for Bachelor, Master or Doctoral Degree. Goal is to establish an Automotive Quality Engineering lectures program based on AQUA, align it with ECTS and agree with the ECQA a industry certificate for students, that is officially recognized by leading European industry, which will give students an unequalled competitive advantage on the job market.

This will be achieved with the help of a comprehensive and modular e-learning-based educational program based on the modular AQUA curriculum. The project will identify best practices of “Automotive Quality Engineering ” in Europe, and based on the perceived demand for competencies in the European automotive industry, knowledge will be transferred to higher education. The results will be directly integrated into study programs of participating universities from the Czech Republic, France, Austria and Slovenia.