Building Information Modeling (BIM): from theory to practice

  • A practical introduction to BIM
  • Standardization for BIM (IFC)
  • Collaborative BIM software tools (modelers, BIM server)
  • Project task and implementation plan for BIM
  • BIM project

The content will be adapted to the structure of the participants.


It is intended for individuals, companies and organizations with a “digital agenda” in the field of the built environment: private and public investors, designers (all professions of the built environment), contractors, property owners.


Upon completion of the course, course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the use of BIM in relation to its professional role in the built environment project (investors, designers, users, managers)
  • Develop an implementation plan for BIM
  • Include and use the BIM approach in a real project (LOD, BIM objects)

Create a simple BIM model in three modelers


UM Faculty of Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Architecture:

  • Dr. Andrej Tibaut
  • Mojca Roženičnik Korošec, M.Sc.

Specialists for individual areas will be involved according to the structure of the participants