BLOCKCHAIN ​​TECHNOLOGY – Digital transformation using smart contracts and decentralized applications

  • Security principles (asymmetric cryptography, one-way functions, hash functions)
  • Distributed Databases and Distributed File Storage Systems (IPFS)
  • DistributedLedger Technologies
  • Types of blockchains
  • Distributed consensus algorithms
  • Smart contracts
  • Decentralized applications
  • Blockchain 2.0, Blockchain 3.0


The training (Seminar workshop) is  designed for architects of modern information solutions, developers, IT and development managers, innovation managers and those responsible for digital transformation.


  • Understand the principles of blockchain technology, smart contracts and decentralized applications, their purpose, utility, challenges and advantages.
  • Gain better insight and easier decision-making about the implementation of blockchain technology in current or new business processes and services..
  • Learn to design an architecture based on blockchain technology for a specific use case.
  • Be able to use frameworks and tools to develop solutions based on blockchain technology, smart contracts and decentralized applications.



(coordinator: BlockchainLab:UM, doc. dr. Muhamed Turkanović)