Workshops: Assisting the Digital Transformation of SME’s towards Circular Economy

Technology Park Ljubljana is inviting operators, small and medium-sized enterprises, to join training sessions exploring the transition of SME’s towards a circular economy with the help of digitalisation. The initiative is part of the Circular4.0 (Interreg Alpine Space) project. Virtual OTC (Operators Training Course) for operators and CAT4.0 (Circularity Acceleration Training 4.0) for SMEs will take place in March and early April.

Who are the Virtual OTC and CAT4.0 workshops designed for?

Operators Training Course (OTC) is an essential part of the wider training process developed in the scope of the Circular 4.0 project to assist acceleration of SME’s towards circular economy (CE). It aims to enable the operators (i.e. business support organisations, intermediary organization, local networks and association, service providers and local public authorities etc.) of the Circularity Acceleration Training courses 4.0 to actually implement them at the level of individual regions of the Alpine Space, taking into account the actual needs of the SMEs in each particular region.

OTC training participants will gain knowledge and competencies such as how to identify the challenges and opportunities of SME circular transformation, the use of Circular Assessment Score (CAS) tools, the use of Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) tools, implementation Circularity Acceleration Training 4.0 (CAT4.0), introduction to the e-classroom with materials in support of consulting activities and the CAT4.0 company training program via the TalentsLMS application, case studies of the transition to KG through digitalization in the field of circular design products, optimal use and reimbursement from the entire Alpine region, and a review of overarching legislative changes and instruments to support investment in circular business.

CAT4.0 (Circularity Acceleration Training 4.0) training is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. Participants will learn about the opportunities and challenges of the transition to a circular business model through digitization. Different views on legislation (including financial) will be presented. Strong emphasis will also be placed on how to identify and find synergies across priority areas when planning new pilot projects. Good practices and projects to support the transition to a circular economy through digitization will also be presented. The workshops are intended for entrepreneurs, top and middle management, all experts in the transformation of business models and HR leaders of major organizations. You can also find more information in the agenda (attached below).

Schedule and registration for workshops

The virtual training course for operators for circular / digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises – SMEs (Operators Training Course – OTC) will take place on Tuesday 16.3.2021 and on Thursday 18.3.2021 (both terms from 15.00 to 18.00).

Small and medium-sized enterprises as well as operators are kindly invited to attend the CAT4.0 training, which will take place virtually on Wednesdays, on 17.3. and 24.3. 2021 (both terms from 15.00 to 16.30) and 31.3. and 7.4.2021 (both terms from 15.00 to 18.00).

A more detailed program of OTC and CAT4.0 can be found in the AGENDA.

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