Slovenian Open Data Day

The Open Data Junction of Slovenia invites you to the OPEN DATA DAY, the purpose of which is to acquaint and spread awareness of the importance and role of open data for the development of society, as well as to encourage cooperation and networking of those who use open data in their work; business people, application developers, analysts, students and others. Also this year, we will present experiences from practice and activities that take place in the field of data opening.

Open Data Day is an international event which takes place annually. With various events taking place around the world, it is the eleventh year in a row in which celebrations are taking place.


9:00 Welcome speech (representative of MPA DS Peter Geršak, MSc, representative of OPSIHub Aleš Veršič, MSc)

9:10 Presentation of examples of the use of open data

  • Tanja Lucaj, DIH Slovenije and mag. Zeljko Gudzulic, MOL; Open data and mapping in everyday life
  • Miha Pšenica, web services d.o.o .; Experience in using data from the Employment Service of Slovenia

9:40 Presentation of current legislative activities in the field of open data in Slovenia and the EU (amendment to the ZDIJZ, high-value databases (HVD), Decree on European data management)

  • mag. Mateja Prešern,
  • mag. Aleš Veršič

9:50 Planned measures and activities in the field of opening public sector data in 2021 Alenka Pšeničnik

10:00 Final conclusions of the meeting

The Open Data Day is organized by the Open Data Hub of Slovenia.

The founders and supporters of the Open Data Hub are Tehnološki Park Ljubljana d.o.o. (ODEON project – Open Data for European innovation – Interreg Mediterranean program) and ICT-Horizontal Network at the Association for Informatics and Telecommunications (GZS), with the support of the Ministry of Public Administration.

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