How can artificial intelligence help you achieve and surpass your business goals

Research has shown that more than 70% of users already swear by conversational business, and the desire to shop via chat is no longer limited to Generation Z and millennials, they are joined by as many as 82% of the population aged 65 and over.

The digital experience will continue developing after COVID – 19. Companies that will use innovative channels to improve the user experience will have a bigger advantage.

How do successful brands take advantage of the opportunity to connect customers through the channels they most often use in their daily lives to connect with friends and relatives? How do they increase conversions and purchases?

Conversational business offers answers to today’s challenges, and above all it establishes a modern way of communicating via a smart platform in the cloud, which companies and brands can use to interact with customers using channels where they are most present or where they can be address most effectively.

* The event will be held in English

Moderator: Matej Praprotnik, Head of Digital Services Development at Radio Slovenia

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