Development of Creative Industries in Slovenia Workshop

Brief introduction to the workshop: The Restart4Danube Policivil workshop will take place on 30 March 2021 and will bring together all relevant actors in the field of creative industries in Slovenia. It will focus on the current and future development of different creative industry sectors in Slovenia.

Details: The event is intended for all interested stakeholders working in the field of creative industries; including companies, research institutions, intermediaries and policy makers in Slovenia and abroad. The meeting will focus on the presentation of a study on the creative industries in the Danube region conducted by the Restart4Danube partners. Furthermore, the Municipality of Maribor is going to present the Local Plan of Action which will be implemented as part of the projects. Participants will be invited to submit their ideas, suggestions, and comments. The aim of these activities is to establish a network of creative urban hubs which will develop a long-term strategy for the advancement of creative industries sector in Slovenia. As the organizer – the University of Maribor – is also the entry point for Slovenia within the Enterprise Europe Network – Sectoral Group of the Creative Industry – there will also be a special presentation on the opportunities within the said project. The event will be held online and will be primarily held in the Slovenian language.




Link to the event: MS TEAMS meeting.

Organizer: University of Maribor (in cooperation with the Municipality of Maribor)

Contact: Maja Sušec + 386-2-235-5370