Connect University Is Organizing an Online Session ÔÇťWomen in cybersecurity 2022ÔÇŁ

EU’s Connect University is organizing an Online Session on “Women in cybersecurity 2022” for the International Women’s Day on 8th March 2022! ­čîĚ

┬╗Despite increased interest in the cybersecurity field, the gender gap persists. Women are still highly underrepresented among its ranks, while the majority of jobs are being filled primarily by men. The future of cybersecurity is influenced by its ability to attract, retain and promote more cyber professionals including more women. We need an interdisciplinary approach to reach high level of cybersecurity.┬ź (Source European Commission)

The CONNECT University session will host leading women in cybersecurity who will address contemporary pressing issues, share their successful stories, and inspire other women who want to pursue a professional career in this field. The event will also discuss concrete actions to attract more women in the field of cybersecurity and with emphasis on their crucial role in the matter. (Source: European Commission)

Find out more about the event and register here.