DIH UM now also on the BOWI Marketplace


The BOWI project is looking for the best solutions for DIH cooperation in the form of technology transfer experiments. During the experiments, it will connect established and developing DIH with SMEs that require concrete solutions for digitization. The business model, which is the core of DIH’s cooperation, will lay the foundation for the BOWI network. The BOWI project is in line with the European Commission’s Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiative, which aims to support European companies in finding advanced digitization solutions and should be available to any company, regardless of its location. Key elements of the SAE initiative are digital innovation hubs (DIH) – all in one place for companies looking to improve their business or services with digital solutions. DIHs bring together companies that offer state-of-the-art solutions and take on the challenge of finding answers to complex problems.

Within the project, 2 sets of experiments will be carried out to test and improve the business model of DIH cooperation. The first phase will include nodes from the project consortium, while the extended phase will include newly attracted DIHs to validate the findings of Phase 1. The confirmed and approved DIH cooperation solution will be used as the basis for the BOWI network. During the experiments, established and development nodes will work closely together to help companies test and implement specific solutions.

As part of the experiments, the BOWI project will support 60 digitization experiments and distribute € 4.8 million. Participants in the experiment – SMEs and medium-sized enterprises and development centers that will support the extended phase – will be selected from open calls, which will be published on the BOWI website.

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