Digitization is no longer a competitive advantage; it is becoming an essential competence


In a post-Covid world companies which strive for business excellence and success must address the digital transformation along with diversity and inclusiveness issues. This does not hold true only for big and well-established companies but startups and scaleups as well.

The acceleration of the digitalization of business and everyday life is not the only consequence of the Corona crisis, however, it is the most visible systemic change. In fact, substantial changes influencing diverse aspects of business have taken place in the past year. COVID-19 played the role of an invisible accelerator and in many respects, it finally led the business environment into the 21st century. The pandemic has completely shuffled the cards in some areas, slightly less in others, but it cannot be denied that it had and still has far-reaching consequences.

According to Dan Helfrich, the director of the consulting firm Deloitte Consulting many deep-seated beliefs of the past are no longer valid. Moreover, he has perfectly summarized four important changes in the business mindset of the post Covid world.

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