What can a supercomputer do?


To answer this question, we knocked on the door of science, and Katarina Kores, Jana Herzog and Blaž Kamenik from the University of Maribor opened it for us. These doctoral students are performing millions of complex calculations with supercomputers. And what is the outcome of these calculations? Medicines with fewer side effects, more efficient drug production, and improved algorithms that improve the efficiency of the search engines we all use on a daily basis.

In their work Katarina, Jana and Blaž use HPC RIVR supercomputer systems, which are financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

With supercomputer systems such as the HPC RIVR, the European Union supports the development of innovative supercomputer technologies to improve the quality of life, promote scientific work, increase economic competitiveness, and ensure Europe’s technological independence.



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