UM Researchers win medals for innovation in the field od digitalization at the ARCA 2020 international fair


In this year’s nternational Innovation Exhibition ARCA 2020 researchers from around the world presented more than 180 innovations applicable in diverse fields: from industry to the use in the everyday life. The innovations presented at the fair were developed by individual inventors, public sector and private research groups, acatemic and scientific institutions, as well as start-ups and other entrepreneurs

The invention “Method and device for storing, inspection control and retrieval of data from a permanently immutable, distributed and decentralized storage” received a gold medal in the competition. The innovation  is a result of collaborative work among researchers/innovators of the Institute of Informatics UM FERI and RCUM doc. dr. Muhamed Turkanović, senior lecturer dr. Boštjan Kežmah, Blaž Podgorelec, doc. dr. Aida Kamišalić Latifić, M.Sc. Marjana Heričko and prof. dr. Marjan Heričko.

Prof. dr. Aleš Hoblar also received a silver medal for the innovation “Decomposition of compound muscle action potentials”.

Congratulations to all the innovators!

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