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Digital center of Slovenia

is the central economic event of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU, which enables companies to present innovative and technologically advanced solutions, products and / or services. In addition to presentation work, it offers visitors lectures, trainings, conferences, workshops, hackathons, business meetings, networking and guest appearances.

How well do you know the innovative products of Slovenian companies?

Every week until the end of 2021, the Digital Center of Slovenia will host innovative Slovenian companies! They will be hosted by the Festival of Solutions, a weekly event where you will be able to get to know their innovative products/services or solutions, as they will be summarized within short and concise presentations. By the end of the year and the end of Slovenia’s presidency of the Council of the EU, more than 200 companies will line up in the Digital Center of Slovenia.

Do you want to get to know them in more detail? Visit the Digital Center of Slovenia or connect with them in a virtual environment.

I want to meet the exhibitors!

Get new knowledge at the Digital Center of Slovenia!

In 6 months, the Digital Center offers more than 80 events with which the project partners want to enrich the digital competencies of all who want to upgrade their knowledge in 6 monthly topics: smart cities and community, sustainable societies and economies, artificial intelligence, 5G and cyber security, digitization and robotics and industry 4.0. The events will be themed and aimed at both professionals and the general public. In order to make it easier for you to access new knowledge, we are preparing many events both on site and in a virtual environment, and you will be able to actively participate in them remotely.

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The digital center of Slovenia is very close to you!

It is located in the innovative ecosystem of Ljubljana’s BTC City, it is accessible and surrounded by free parking spaces. Its location in one of the most frequent locations in the capital is not a coincidence, as it allows visitors to complete a family trip or a quick visit after finishing work at a nearby location. Location and opening hours can be found HERE.

Even if you are not from Ljubljana, the Digital Center of Slovenia is just a click away. It is also available in the virtual dimension; you can visit it even if you stay at home. Get to know the exhibitors in the virtual Digital Center, chat with them or watch presentations of innovative products highlighted by Slovenian companies.

I want to enter the virtual digital hub!

Project partners: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency, Digital Innovation Hub of Slovenia and BTC.

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