VOJEXT Challenges for European Robotic driven SME’s and Mid-Caps

VOJEXT is launching a set of challenges for which European Robotic driven SMEs and Mid-Caps are defied to propose solutions. Once selected and engaged, SMEs and Mid-Caps will get access to the VOJEXT platform and technological support (through mentors), besides the funding that will enable to develop and demonstrate the proposed solution.

The maximum amount of funding that each beneficiary may receive during the 1st VOJEXT Open Call is up to €100.000.

Projects must clearly fit within one of the following 5 challenges:

  • Construction Robotic Toolset,
  • Navigation,
  • Visaulization of Point Cloud in a VR Headset,
  • Integrate two Leap Motion Devices to Improve User’s Hand Mapping,
  • Investigate a New Methodof Hand Mapping and Integrate it to the Teleop Pipeline

The projects implementation will start on July 2021 and be divided in Sprints of 3-4 months.

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