EU-Citizen.Science – Development of Learning Modules on Topics related to Citizen Science

The EU-Citizen.Science Call will fund the development, implementation and testing of 10 training modules on the topic of citizen science. The concept of citizen science aims to foster cooperation between citizens actively engaging in scientif work, researchers and academia.

These modules will be uploaded to the Moodle integration of the EU-Citizen.Science platform. Training modules are self-directed, 1 or 2 hours units that a learner can study at her own pace and receive a badge and a certificate upon completion.

Module designers are expected to:

  • Develop the module content using the guidelines of the EU-Citizen.Science platform ;
  • Create a template for the module on the EU-Citizen.Science platform using Moodle, and upload all the content;
  • Undertake user-testing of the module and implement changes where necessary with at least five members of the intended audience.

Module development guidelines along with the content template are available on the webpage of The EU-Citizen.Science Open Call.

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