AI4EU Call for Solutions of AI Challenges

AI4EU collects the Most Critical AI Challenges among the European Industry and provides support in addressing them with the EU funds. The list currently includes seven challanges with an industrial, business or societal impact that can be solved by exploiting existing AI resources included on the AI4EU Platform or by developing new components.

Currently published challanges (the list will be updated):

  • AI-based throat-swab robot usable in pandemic prevention,
  • Effective management of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for agrifood data,
  • Reinforcement learning based machine tool control,
  • Enhancing clinical AI-workflows,
  • Modeling of drugs via deep learning neural network,
  • Optimize stock management with smart procurement strategy,
  • Identification of Colon Cancer risk factors,

Who can apply?

The Call for Solutions is addressed to the following type of applicants (Solution Providers):

  • European Industry (technology providers): Startups, SMEs, Mid-Caps and Large Companies,
  • Research Organisations.

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