prof. dr. Mirjana Kljajić Borštnar

Researcher, Lecturer
  • Researcher code
  • 22598

RRI services offered to companies

  • Development of decision support systems (multi-criteria modeling of decision knowledge, visualizations, predictive models of machine learning).
  • Analysis of digital and data maturity – consulting in digitalization of processes and data management.
  • Implementation of training in the field of artificial intelligence and decision systems.

Education offered to companies

  • Multiple-criteria decision-making modelling
  • Data analytics
  • Data mining

Past cooperation with companies in the field of digitalization

  • Arctur, d.o.o.
  • Gorenje d.d.
  • IGM Stavbar

Successful projects in collaboration with companies

Arctur, d.o.o. -Development of a Multiple-criteria decision-making model for the evaluation of the potential of SMEs to use high-performance cloud computing.

Gorenje d.d. – Development of a model for predicting product failure during the warranty period.

Stavbar IGM – Development of a hybrid model (combination of a discrete model for product line selection and federal model for market absorption) for decision strategy selection.

Other current projects

Scientific publications

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