doc. dr. Jurij Rakun, BSc CS and IT

Researcher, Lecturer, Reviewer of Scientific Contributions, Entrepreneur
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  • 29568

RRI services offered to companies

Asst. Prof. Dr. Jurij Rakun focuses on the development of digital solutions in the field of computing and agriculture, takes an interdisciplinary approach to the challenges of modern agriculture and develops new precision agriculture technologies, which include various sensor solutions, autonomous robotic systems and other computer-supported systems.

Services in the areas of:

  • robotic systems in agriculture,
  • embedded systems and new sensor solutions,
  • artificial intelligence-supported systems,
  • online and mobile solutions,
  • precision systems based on pattern recognition, signal processing or in the field of computer vision and
  • on other related challenges.

Education offered to companies

  • Workshops and trainings focusing on advanced soft- and hardware solutions in the field of robotics and automation in agriculture.
  • Courses focusing on the concept of precision agriculture.
  • Development and evaluation of solutions in the field of digitalization in agriculture.

Past cooperation with companies in the field of digitalization

  • Az. Agricola Giorgio Pantano. (Italy)
  • AMPS, Peter Lepej, s.p.
  • SMT d.o.o.
  • EMSISO d.o.o.

Scientific publications

Patents and patent publications

Postopek in računalniška naprava za odkrivanje nekvalitetnega tiska in tiskarskih napak : patent decision no. SI 22220 A, publication date 31.08.2007 : no.

Knowledge and unpatented technologies

  • Autonomous agricultural robots

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