SPOT – Development of self-adaptive household appliances based on breakthrough technologies

The Partner

  • Gorenje gospodinjski aparati, d.d. (coordinator) (SI)
  • EMSISO d.o.o.,
  • SkyLabs, vesoljske tehnologije d.o.o.,
  • Fakulteta za elektrotehniko, računalništvo in informatiko, Univerza v Mariboru (SI),
  • Fakulteta za strojništvo, Univerza v Mariboru (SI).

Project Description

Within the framework of the project SPOT, we, at the consortium of companies and research institutions, will on the basis of in-depth research and development realize global technological breakthrough in the field of creating self-adaptability of household appliances. The developed solutions will enable home appliances to detect and recognize key parameters on their own, and subsequently make automatic performance adjustments using advanced technologies.

The device setup and operation will be automated to such an extent that far less user input will be required. In some segments, these devices will offer quality of life which will be at an unimaginably higher level with regard to limitations to which we are accustomed to with the current state-of-the­art technology.

The project establishes the development of smart device elements in the field of detection systems, each of which by itself represents a breakthrough achievement of Slovenian knowledge in the global field and will put partners in the project in a leading position in the corresponding fields of research.