How can digitization contribute to more effective nature conservation?


Slovenia has all the resources to become environmentally and sustainably excellent and to provide current and future generations with a quality life, taking into account the planet’s capabilities. Can digitalisation make a significant contribution to achieving nature protection goals?

We usually think of digitalisation as a way, we associate digitization with the progress of technologies, but we do not introduce them solely because they are new, but because they solve real problems. At the same time, we must be aware that the process of digitization raises other social issues. How does the emergence and management of new technologies, a comprehensive understanding of the consequences of their use, and last but not least, the exponential increase in energy and rare raw material needs for the construction of various devices and the consequent overexploitation of our planet affect it? This is also digitalisation, so it is important that we also actively seek answers to these dilemmas.

Watch a video of the event: LINK TO VIDEO


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