Get to know supercomputing and enter the digital future!


Get to know supercomputing and enter the digital future!


  • Attend free workshops and seminars.


  • Access to modern supercomputer centers in Slovenia.
  • Professional assistance in the use of software and infrastructure.
  • Acquisition of useful knowledge and professional competencies.
  • Collaboration with academic and industrial researchers and engineers.

The HPC National Competence Center, which operates within the Slovenian National Supercomputer Network SLING, promotes the use of supercomputer capabilities for research and scientific and industrial research.

The following workshops and seminars (SLING Education) will be held in the coming months:

  • February 9-11: Workshop: HPC and FEM: Commercial Software,
  • February 15-16: Workshop: Kubernetes, February 28: Course: Learning from data for HPC,
  • March 2-4: Workshop: Supercomputing a little more real,
  • March 3 – 4: Course: Big Data analysis with Hadoop and RHadoop,
  • March 10: Seminar: Virtualization and containers under cover,
  • March 22-23: Workshop: Let’s count on all cores,
  • April 5-7: Workshop: Programming of graphic process units,
  • April 20-21: Workshop: Fundamentals of Supercomputing

The number of vacancies to attend the workshops that need to be registered is limited!

They are also preparing free trainings and other trainings, which cover both the basics of HPC literacy and the use of technology in specific areas of application.

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