Open Data Day 2022: Workshop on Efficient use of open data to increase innovation

Open Data Day is an international annual event for data lovers who use open data to connect and build solutions to complex societal issues together with the interested public.

This year’s Open Data Day will be officially recorded on Saturday, March 5, 2022, and will be the twelfth in a row. The purpose of this event, which takes place around the world, is primarily to raise awareness and expand awareness of the importance and role of open data for the development of society, including in relation to the data economy.

OPSI HUB (Open Data Hub Slovenia) is organizing the traditional open data day of Slovenia in the form of a workshop Efficient use of open data to increase innovation on Friday, March 4, virtually, at 10am.

At the workshop you will learn about:

• how and why Poland ranked 4th in the open data maturity and became Trend setters;

• examples of cooperation in promoting open standards in both Europe and Slovenia, with the presentation of successful / breakthrough companies;

• possibilities of using open data in the preparation of research & dissertations in scientific spheres;

• concrete solutions of the 2-day Greenhack 2021, which addressed the topics of environment, mobility and agriculture – beekeeping;

• a range of information solutions and services to support real estate professionals throughout the real estate life cycle, and

• innovations and improvements of the OPSI portal.

  • The event is aimed at anyone involved in data.
  • Participation is free, but registration is required!

To join the Open Data Day, register here:

Learn more about the event program here.