Ethics of Ethical Hacking

With the steep increase of devices and users connected to networks the security of information in cyberspace has become an increasingly complex issue. Many companies hire penetration testing experts to check for possible vulnerabilities in their information system. Ethical hackers who provide these services adhere to a specific code of ethics and may face challenges that are not sufficiently covered by the agreement with the client who requested their services in the first place.

During the event the following issues will be discussed:

  • When is hacking ethical, what conditions must be met?
  • Can anyone be an ethical hacker and how to check the qualifications of the contractors?
  • What are the boundaries that ethical hackers should not cross?
  • How to be and stay one step ahead of “unethical” hackers?
  • Why have security disclosure procedures not been established in Slovenia?


13:00-13:20 Weelcome Speech

Doc. Dr. Blaž Markelj, FVV; Mag Mag. Sara Tomše, TS

13:20-14:50 Round table


· Doc. Dr. Blaž Markelj, FVV, Univerza v Mariboru

· Mag. Sara Tomše, Telekom Slovenije d.d.

· Milan Gabor, Viris, d.o.o.

· Dr. Andrej Rakar

· Boštjan Špehonja, Unistarpro d.o.o

· Gregor Spagnolo, ssrd d.o.o

· Dalibor Vukovič, Telekom Slovenije, d.d.

14:50.14:55 Final remarks and conclusion

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