Blockchain in Enterprise: From Concept to Revenue

Blockchain Adria, the leading blockchain hub in North-Western Europe, and Technology Park Ljubljana along with its partners are inviting you to the Blockchain in Companies conference: From concept to revenue conference. The series of online events will take place on 25th of March. The aim of the event is to familiarize representatives of companies and industry, who decided to introduce blockchain technology into their business and production processes, with this technology.

The events will provide participants with new insights, explain procedures, and give practical implementation training. This will equip them with the right knowledge to begin the transformation of their business models and technological processes towards a new – decentralized economy. The events will cover a wide range of industries such as public services, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, trade, smart cities and the circular economy.


Attendance of the conference is free of charge. To find out more and register for the event visit their website