Digitization vouchers are available again


The Slovenian Enterprise Fund (SPS) has reopened public calls for digitalization vouchers for small and medium-sized enterprises. Smaller incentives promoting digitalisation will be provided to companies with up to € 9,999 in grants for various business services.

Available incentives are:

  • voucher for raising digital competencies,
  • digital marketing vouchers,
  • vouchers for the preparation of a digital strategy,
  • cyber security voucher.

Public calls are published on the SPS website, however, we have prepared a short list of highlights and an overview of changes included this year’s call.

What is new in the voucher for raising digital competencies:

  • The beneficiary must submit a training announcement (on-site and on-line) at least five (5) days before the start of the training. The beneficiary of the training (on-site and online) has to announce it via the link HERE.
  • The selected external training provider is obliged to prepare a report on the completed training after each completed training. The report form will be published on the DIH Slovenia website, HERE.
  • Within 5 working days after the completion of the training, the applicant has to send the following documents to the e-mail address info@dihlslovenia.si:
      • training report
      • attendance list
      • a photo from the training,
      • screenshot of the training (in the case of online training),
      • printout of e-presence of participants and their presence – time registration and deregistration (in the case of on-line training).

What’s new in the digital strategy voucher:

  • The condition for submitting the application is a previously obtained positive opinion regarding the application issued by DIH Slovenia.
  • The applicant obtains a grade with recommendations using a digital maturity measurement tool.
  • Based on the assessment, the applicant fills in the application form (in which, among other things, he defines why he needs a digital strategy and what is the expected impact of the prepared strategy on the company).
  • The applicant can submit an application on request to obtain a digital maturity assessment of the company HERE.

What’s new in the cyber security voucher:

  • The condition for submitting the application is a previously obtained positive opinion of DIH Slovenia, therefore, the applicant must fill in the application form (which defines, among other things, why he decides to test within the cyber security voucher, what is the expected impact of testing in the case of penetration testing states the ICT infrastructure on which the application they intend to test is placed) which has to be submitted to DIH Slovenia – info@dihslovenia.si.

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