Boris Pukšič, M.Sc. in EBA

RRI services offered to companies

Boris is an expert in technology transfer at the University of Maribor, where he promotes the Digital Innovation Hub and organizes events, seminars and workshops on digitization. Through his work, he actively connects university researchers with business entities in the field of innovative technologies, whereby offering support to companies in their digital transformation an an important part of his efforts within the DIGI-SI project.

In addition, he is indispensable in establishing and maintaining networks, negotiations and connections between various stakeholders, including faculties, research institutions, companies and ICT solution providers. His work enables Slovenian companies to go through the digital transformation process more easily, which not only improves their competitiveness and innovation at the national level, but also contributes to their visibility and success on the international market. With unwavering dedication and expertise, he paves the way to a digital future that promises a stronger, more connected and innovative Slovenian economy.

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